SEO Copywriting

How much time is suffice for a visitor to stick to your website?

Do you think your visitor has enough to time to READ the entire content of your website? With millions of competitors trying to compete in the same niche as yours, how do you get that competitive edge to be different?

5 seconds! Yes, that is all it takes for a visitor to decide the suitability of a website. Remember, people do no have time to read your website content, so make sure you present it in a presentable format for easy skimming. This is where we come in! We write professional website content loved by Search Engine Spiders and your visitors.

Stats speak for themselves….

The most important aspect of any business is the ROI. Also known as the Return on Investment, it measures how effective the investment has been in yielding profits. Pouring money in expert content writing services is in itself a big investment that never dies with time. Did you know that:

  1. 80% of users do not skip through the second page of the SERPS (search engine result pages)?
  2. Websites lacking unique content have got the HIGHEST chances of getting permanently banned from search engine results?
  3. There are over 300 million websites online, with thousands of blogs and sites being created everyday. With such a lightning speed of online business, where do you see yourself?

Should you write content for your own website?

At times it might seem like just putting words to fill in the empty space on your pages as enough to be described as “website content writing.” SEO Copywriting is definitely an expensive investment. However, let us have a look at this scenario this way:

  • People tend to save funds by writing web content themselves. Considering it to be a cost-efficient method, it actually diminishes your rankings from SERPs due to non-SEOd, non-optimized content that does not meet the needs of your targeted audience.
  • Today’s consumer is tech savvy, unlike the old ages. Just by reading the first few lines, your visitor decides the suitability of your website and simply jumps on tho the next best alternative (who else, your COMPETITORS) to fulfill their needs, in case your site lacks the punch to retain your visitors.
  • Let us suppose that a quality content writer costs $200 to write a few pages of your website, whereas you write it yourself for free. Would you get the targeted traffic the way you want?

Why Hire us for SEO Copywriting?

With dozens of websites in our bag, we have mastered the art to truly write engaging contents that keep your visitors sticking to your website! Here are just some of the salient features of my services:

  1. Merging creativity & professionalism – We write creative content, not just drab, boring text to fill up the empty space on your website.
  2. Infusion of simple terms making readability a pleasuring experience – We avoid jargons, technical terms and words often too difficult for a layman of most of your target market to understand.
  3. SEO Friendly – Yes, we write SEO friendly content. But that does not mean keyword stuffing, or scraping off content from different pages of the web to amalgamate in a web sales copy.
  4. 100% UNIQUE content, guaranteed to pass all plagiarism checkers including Copyscape – All of the content we write comes with a 100% money-back guarantee to pass copyscape. We have CS premium account and always scan the content before it gets delivered to you.
  5. Extensive Keyword research to find out the right keywords for rankings – Knowing the right keywords to put in the right place in a well-balanced structure is a skill not every SEO writer possess. We know how to research for the highest ROI keywords to incorporate in your website.
  6. Eyeing on grammatical and sentence structure issues – Grammar and sentence structures are of utmost importance when it comes to content writing. Your content is written in a natural flow as if defining a story.
  7. Presenting information in a fun, interesting, and professional manner– Your content is delivered to you in a way that is interesting, and fun to be read by your audience.
  8. Your content is yours to keep – Off course, after we get all of the payment, you retain 100% copyright ownership of the content. You are to re-use, re-sell or manipulate the content in any way you like. Just watch out for Google Panda Updates and stubborn search engine crawlers