Product Description Writing

Want to sell your products? Don’t have the punch lines to sell online? Lack that writing flair to convince your customers? Can’t add crisp and enticing content to the descriptions?

Then you need to order our professional product description writing service.  If you are an online marketer, a businessman, or run an e-commerce store, you should never undermine the importance of getting unique product descriptions. Do you know that Google Panda 2.3 Update is after copied content? E-commerce websites are the ones that are consistently attacked by search engines due to copied product descriptions. Do not let that happen to your site!

A bigger concern than writing reviews, is writing product descriptions that fit in well with the review. Due to tight global financial conditions, people are not happy to spend their money online unless they are totally convinced about the quality of a product. So, make sure to have that crispy content in the descriptions that could sell well in the market. Interesting style, fun to be read, and credibility, all matter when writing product descriptions. For a novice writer, or a full time businessman, this could be a very hectic task. So, why not assign it to professionals dedicated for writing?

The web is home to products that aren’t unique anymore. Toys, garments, mobile phones, laptops, gadgets, etc. are just everywhere and several webmasters are selling more or less the same products/services on their websites. Most of the times, in an effort to boost sales, webmasters usually copy the standard manufacturer’s product descriptions and paste on their website. When such an act is being done with thousands of other websites selling the same product or service, it results in severe penalization by Google and other search engines for a misdeed or an online sin, known as COPYING!

So, get the best product descriptions written for your products. Here is a snapshot of what we include in our descriptions:

  1. Unique for your e-commerce store – No matter how common the product is on the web, our description would be unique, and guaranteed to pass all plagiarism checkers including Copsycape.
  2. SEO optimized – Keyword optimized, but not stuffed.
  3. Optimum length – Long enough to cover main points, and short enough to be considered as concise.
  4. Features described in a natural manner – We talk about the aesthetic appeal that the product has, including weight, size, color, measurements, shipment size, etc.