Payment Refund Policy

IT Links Payment refund policy

IT Links is an established business since 2003 that fuels growth by setting our new standards and reaching beyond the horizons in providing high quality e-marketing services to international clients. IT Links has a payment refund policy that is effective in case the company fails to deliver according to the deadlines, or due to any other unforeseen consequences.¬†Once your order gets processed, we receive the payment for the specific amount of articles, blogs or any other service you want from us. We strive to work in providing high quality services and in case if we don’t, we shall refund 100% of your invoice. Here is a detailed method of how our payment refund policy works:

Safe Payment Transactions using AlertPay services:

When you place an order from us, you get your order processed using the secure SSL encrypted services of Alertpay, a reliable, online payment gateway for online businesses. We trust AlertPay’s services to be free from spamming or fraud. If you have an exisitng account on AlertPay, you can pay use that to pay for our services. In case you do not have one, get registered with AlertPay now and get a FREE trading account. You have to abide by the terms and conditions of AlertPay.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

We require 100% upfront payment charges, either you are using Moneybookers, AlertPay, or Paypal for payment of our services. We are here to stay and always deliver according to the custom order you placed on our website. In some cases, we can consider getting 50% upfront payment but only deliver according to the payment collected. We do NOT work without upfront, or milestone based services.

Processing your order:

When your order gets processed, you (the buyer) and we (the seller) receive auto-generated email messages stating successful Alertpay transaction. With this email, we receive your email address to communicate with you on the custom orders. We do not sell any product on our website. All orders are custom based. We highly recommend using our custom quote services to discuss your orders before processing the order. One of our agents get back to you with your provided email address to assist you in delivering the service according to the deadline.

Order Cancellation and payment refund policy:

Once you place an order, we deliver according to your needs. We do NOT refund your payment when all work, sent for us is complete, free-from-errors, and delivered according to your instructions. We also do not refund payments right after the order gets processed, resulting due to misunderstandings. Please note, that we incur costs in getting your order fulfilled and a payment refund policy shall only be granted if there is mistake on our part. We, although provide revisions until you get satisfied. Payment refund is ONLY acceptable when:

  1. We fail to deliver
  2. We do not deliver what you ordered
  3. We deliver poor material, not according to the accepted Web 2.0 standards
  4. Our agents do not communicate with you within 3 business days after payment gets processed.

You deserve complete right to dispute a payment refund, but only if the above conditions are met. If all work has been transferred to you, according to your instructions, then we cannot consider your payment refund.