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Why work for someone else by selling their products as an affiliate when you can sell your own stuff and keep all profits in your bank account? It is really that simple. Sell your own ebooks and earn massive amounts of passive income! Our ebook writing service is as low as $9.95 per 500 word page.

Ebooks can be used for one of two purposes:

1. To provide valuable information to the customer as an incentive to become a long term member.

2. To make a massive online income by selling valuable content in the form of reasonably priced ebooks.

Why Itlinks for ebook writing?

Our Custom ebook writing service is designed to match your budgets and needs. i.e. well-researched, informative content that comprehensively covers the topic in a naturally flowing method. Either you want an ebook to be started from scratch or from the provided table of contents, we would love to pen it for you.

Irrespective of the topic and your grip on the English language, ebook is quite a hefty task to be completed as the work hardly ends form research to editing, proofreading and publishing the final pages for PDF and Kindle formats. If you are in the process of penning a great ebook and stuck on the ideas down in the middle of the road with nowhere to go, turn to IT links for professional ebook writing service, backed with proven track record of success.

Here are samples of our ebooks:

Love & Relationships

101 creative romantic ideas


Qatar IT – online payment gateways market research

ECM Report

Health and fitness

How to get pregnant at 40?

Real Estate

How to become a Real Estate Appraiser in the USA?

How do we write ebook for you?

Send us in the niche, topic, number of pages and word count per page. The rest, including Table of Contents, proofreading, and designing shall be covered by our expert writers. We conduct all of the research required in making a masterpiece that speaks volumes about your business. Here is a snapshot of how we write custom ebooks for you:

We conduct Research

Include Royalty-free images

Write 100% unique content

Proofread until you are 100% satisfied

Design cover page

Good Work at Affordable Prices

Efficient Turnaround time

So what are the secret ingredients for a perfect ebook?

It is 2012 and people are getting more and more cautious day by day. Even great ebook that once could be crafted over a weekend is not the answer for your passive income. You have got cut throat competition in EVERY niche, so how do you pledge to differ your book from others? You see, ebook writing is completely different from seo article writing services. You cannot compile 50 articles related to dog training and make an ebook as this process simply does not work anymore. The material is required but ebook demands high level of professionalism and expertise to write unique content that is filled with enthusiastic information.

We address to the reader in a naturally conversational style addressing the target market’s problems, desires and wishes in order to be as meaningful as we can. General information about a topic is not going to help anyone anymore as readers are hungry for knowing the solutions to their problems and glitches. We do not write ebooks on general topics as they are of no use to the ever-changing and ever-growing customer demands & search engine algorithms.

We would love to hear from you. Send us in your queries via contact form on this website, and one of our agents would be happy to assist you in any aspect for getting through your ebook.

Our ebook writing packages are competitively priced but without a compromise upon the content quality. See the packages below and select one that most appropriately fits your pocket.

Ebook Writing Packages

Ebook Writing 10 Pages Ebook Writing 15 Pages
  • Total pages: 10
  • Words per page: 500
  • Processing time: Within 2 days
  • Price: USD 79.50
  • Total pages: 15
  • Words per page: 500
  • Processing time: Within 4 days
  • Price: USD 119.25
Ebook Writing 20 Pages Ebook Writing 25 Pages
  • Total pages: 20
  • Words per page: 500
  • Processing time: Within 6 days
  • Price: USD 155.00
  • Total pages: 25
  • Words per page: 500
  • Processing time: Within 8 days
  • Price: USD 193.75
Ebook Writing 30 Pages Ebook Writing 50 Pages
  • Total pages: 30
  • Words per page: 500
  • Processing time: Within 10 days
  • Price: USD 225.00
  • Total pages: 50
  • Words per page: 500
  • Processing time: Within 12 days
  • Price: USD 350.00

For more than 50 Ebook Writing pages, please contact at sales@itlinks.com