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Buy unique Content writing services and feed the Google Panda, for higher rankings

Content is at the heart of every online presence. Compelling content is the basis of successful marketing campaigns. Catchy Phrases, informative articles, engaging website content and blogs add impressive value to your online business. Creative content writing for higher rankings, has over the time evolved into a full-fledged SEO service. We pledge to differ ourselves in the ocean of copywriting competitors to provide unique content that converts your visitors into buyers.

Let’s face it. Search is still the biggest game in the online town! With the Google Panda Update 2.3 and swift algorithmic changes undertaking in all dominating search engines, more emphasis has now been placed on SEO copywriting than linkbuilding. Keyword stuffing, article spinning, and rewriting content, simply do not work anymore as search engines have become much more aggressive than ever before. As a result, getting unique, freshly written content has become an important aspect of the webmaster’s checklist.

With over 10,000 content pieces in our portfolio, IT Links has mastered the art of crafting fine quality, attention-grabbing content. We put forward our special content rewriting service to those clients having pre-written content, requiring a free analysis and looking for creative injection to their current content. We provide “work for hire.” You get 100% complete ownership rights to the content and are free to use it the way you like. Have a glimpse on our copywriting services:

SEO Article Writing

  • 300 words to 1000 words in length
  • 100% Copyscape passed
  • Manually written as per your instructions
  • Experienced to write on any niche

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SEO Article Rewriting

  • Any word length
  • Manually rewritten with your views
  • 100% Copyscape passed
  • Experienced to write on any niche
  • Free Proofreading

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Custom Blog Posting

  • Uniquely written
  • 100% Copyscape passed
  • FREE posting to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger
  • Well-researched posts

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Bids & Proposals

  • Uniquely written bids
  • Designed to lure clients toward your business
  • Written with your business idea
  • Customized as per your needs

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Case Study

  • Uniquely analyzed case studies
  • Analyzed as per business needs
  • Accurate analysis for troubleshooting
  • Customized as per your needs

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Ebook Writing

  • Uniquely written ebook as per your needs
  • 100% Copyscape Passed
  • FREE Proofreading
  • Written on any niche

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Newsletter Writing

  • Written based upon your business
  • Handling your newsletter campaigns
  • Based upon industry standards
  • 100% Copyscape passed

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Web Content Writing

  • Uniquely written high quality website content
  • 100% Copyscape passed
  • Written as per your instructions
  • FREE meta tags per page

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Press Release

  • Uniquely written Press releases
  • Manually submitted to top PR directories
  • 100% Copyscape passed
  • FREE proofreading

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Product Description

  • Uniquely written Product descriptions
  • 100% Copyscape passed
  • Best for e-commerce websites
  • FREE SEO meta tags

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Product Review Writing

  • Uniquely written product reviews
  • No biased or hatred language
  • 100% Copyscape passed
  • Designed for maximum conversion of visitors

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SEO Copywriting

  • Designed for websites
  • 100$ Copyscape passed
  • Uniquely written
  • SEO optimized & proofread for your website

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SEO Article Writing Service:

Our SEO article writing service is targeted to those clients in need of laser focused, targeted visitors for their websites. Articles provide valuable information to the read because they have call to action links that can lead to greater, more targeted sales for long term income. The proven track record of our SEO article writers is sure to get you in higher ranking. Articles reflect your online identity and business.

Content Writing Service:

The point of writing unique web copy is to gain visitors, but targeted visitors that are information hungry and interested in buying your products. What you deliver to your customers is your sole concern, but communicating what you deliver is ours. It is not difficult to get a customer, but to retain it and maintain a high level of website presence online. Poor content, unappealing content, irrelevant content and keyword stuffed content pulls off the reader and kills his/her interest in reading your web copy.

The content writing service department at IT links helps you to elevate your online web presence. Backed with solid keyword research, and the right dose of word count per page, our writers skillfully craft original content that triggers interest in your targeted audience. Our writers write with readers as the top most priority in mind, and then the search engine spiders. It is actually logical. Search engine spiders are not interested in what you sell online, thy are only interested in indexing your web content. Your customers are the real prospects that are interested in buying your products/services. When web copy is written for humans, it search engine spiders automatically love the content for higher rankings.

Ebook writing service:

Our ebook writing service covers ebooks in the range of 20 pages to 400 pages. Whether you want a mini guide or a detailed book, we have the right set of tools, and equipment required to get a compelling ebook for you. But what’s in it for you? We provide FREE cover design as a part of our complimentary ebook writing services. A great ebook is judged by its cover and people even today use this old-fashioned technique of judging one’s book. The attractive the cover, the better the perceived quality. We would not leave you in the dark by just handing you over an ebook. We make sure to provide an attractive cover page for it to have it a readymade product to be sold online.

Blog posting, blog post writing service:

Our Blog posting service is a very popular method of providing instant dose of fresh content using WordPress, Blogger and similar blogging platforms. A blog hardly takes a minute or two to set up but blog posts consume a considerable amount of time. As a result, we have introduced cusotm blog posting service to outsource all of your blogging needs to ITlinks. Our blog posts are written in a way that are truly attention-grabbing in every nature. Getting backlinks from a link wheel of blogs is surely going to push your rankings. Our adept team of writers is specialized in handling and managing every aspect of your website blog with images, videos and other multimedia content to increase the fan base of your website.

Costly? Our blog writing service comes with free, catchy meta titles, descriptions and keyword optimization so that you achieve the peace of mind required to secure top spot on Google.

What is the importance of high quality web copy writing?

Consider content as a 24 hour, free-of-cost, passive salesperson, that is always available to assist your potential customers. Your content should be freshly written, unique, and persuasive in nature, but not overly promotional. Let this salesman speak volumes about the credibility of your website. Many website content writers commit a dreadful mistake of penning content in a self-blatantly promotional way, which eventually leads to lower SERPs. Catchy content could be the answer for higher rankings. Publishing uniquely updated content on regular basis intended for your targeted audience leads to a long term conversion of visitors into customers. Unique content has inborn convincing ability to assist your firm to make an ever lasting impact upon your targeted audience.

Some of the most unique features of IT Links Web Content writing services are:

Keyword Research

100% Unique Content

Manually written without any program

SEO Content with optimized quantity

Proofread by Expert Copywriters

Good Work at Affordable Prices

Deadline Oriented